Best-value option for bicycle manufacturerand end user in shifting system
  • SL-M300 3*8/9Spd
    SL-M300 3*8/9Spd
  • SL-M400  1/2/3*11-Spd
    SL-M400 1/2/3*11-Spd
  • SL-M400 2/3*10
    SL-M400 2/3*10
  • SRD36
  • SRD35
  • SRD46
  • SRD45
  • FD-M300 3Spd(With8/9Spd)
    FD-M300 3Spd(With8/9Spd)
  • FD-M400  2/3-Spd(With 11-Spd RD)
    FD-M400 2/3-Spd(With 11-Spd RD)
  • FD-M400 2/3Spd(With10Spd)
    FD-M400 2/3Spd(With10Spd)
  • RD-M300 8/9Spd
    RD-M300 8/9Spd
  • RD-M400  11-Spd
    RD-M400 11-Spd
  • RD-M400 10Spd
    RD-M400 10Spd
  • RD-M200 6/7/8Spd
    RD-M200 6/7/8Spd

Quality, Reliable

Over 100,000 shiftings as smooth as orginal

8 professional equipments, 23 function tests, to ensure the quality of our product


 Riding, Enjoyable

    Smooth shifting, good feeling

    Patented "Piston" Invention, dual (two-way) release, better riding experiences

Cost, Unbelievable

Save at least 20%Less cost, better quality, higher competence

better quality, higher competence




      Only MOQ 100 sets for customization !

      Lean production, timely delivery

Match, Compatible

All products are compatible with Shimano Version

Easier for matching, replacing and repairing

S-Ride Bicycle Components ( Foshan ) Co., Ltd. is a foreign fully -owned enterprise in China. It focuses on premier quality design,manufacturing and distributing twist shifter, trigger shifter and front/rear derailleur. Each product is in accordance with all international standards concerned ( including ISO 4210, EN 14764 ) and perform with the same specs used by current worldwide leading bicycle component companies.
The key team members are from a worldwide leading bicycle component company, and are extremely talented in product developing, quality control, engineering, and are well experienced at manufacturing bicycle shifters and derailleurs and brakes.
Our target is: Best value on premier quality, timely delivery, and excellent service on bicycle shifters and derailleurs and brakes. ... 【More...】
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