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S-ride M500 Product reviews in Poland

Sep. 09, 2022

M500 series products are our S-ride products launched in 2007, the product after the majority of consumers use the praise constantly
S-ride M500 Product reviews in PolandS-ride M500 Product reviews in PolandS-ride M500 Product reviews in PolandS-ride M500 Product reviews in Poland


For our test, we have included drive components from the S-Ride brand
Cycle Components (Foshan) Co..Ltd. which is a pre-owned, foreign-capital company based in China. It focuses on the design, manufacture, and distribution of derailleur cranks. The company prides itself on the fact that its products comply with all international standards, including ISO 4210, EN 14764, and meet the same specifications as those used by the world's current top manufacturers of derailleur parts." The RD-M400 is compatible with Shimanoi's rear derailleur handles. It has a pantograph mostly made of me-tal. The inner link is made of steel extrusion.The B-Knuckle, i.e. the part of the derailleur that is bolted to the frame, is made of aluminum.The second link that connects the pantograph, the so-called P-Knuckle.is made of composite.A very clever solution is the positioning of the screws that limit the use. The adjustment is visible and needs no description. The derailleur has an angle adjustment, "B", and a brake on bouncing of the carriage.Very long 110-millimeter carriage (from the axis of the wheel to the axis of the cat) is made mostly of aluminum, and the cat rotates on steel bearings and has steel bearings.
steel bearings and have a completely standard number of teeth (eleven each). Despite the size of the cart, the manufacturer specifies the number of
of teeth in the largest mode of the cassette at 42 from the smallest at 11. It also states that the maximum capacity of the derailleur, which is 47 teeth. quoting reliable sources, in this case "bikeBoard" 9/2009, we learn that the so-called capacity is expressed by a number. It is formed by subtracting the number of teeth of the largest and smallest] of the gear crank. As a rule, a 22/32/42 crank must work with a derailleur with a minimum capacity of 20T(teeth) [42 - 22= 20]". This parameter applies to front derailleur drivetrains, as S-Ride also produces these components. Weighing 270 grams, the RD-M400 is not overly cigar-charged compared to the competition.The SL-M400 shifter is designed for 11-speed drivetrains.It has a classically solved gearing logic.A large lower cylinder is used to reduce, a smaller one to multiply the gearing and the bow is only pushed forward. The levers are composite,the lower one is at a length comparable to the competition, but the mat iskrdtsza than in Shimano. The pins have a pleasant texture that improves finger grip.
The 11-rank S-Ride CSN 500 cassette looks much better than the corresponding pricier models from brands on the S.All the drivetrains are steel, and the four largest ones are riveted to an aluminum cantilever.Lightweight it is not, but comparing it to the SLX M7000-11(1-46) we can say that the Shimano is only less than 100 gays.Bidon sweat?
In the set of catost we tested, a Nexelo traction bar marked YBN 11 Speed. Caty silver and covered with surprisingly good grease.
We bolted the components without the slightest resistance to the sciei-like hardtail. Adjustments went smoothly, and after the first ride we can only say that the catoscope performs very well. But about how all the elements work together after a longer run, we will write in the next issue. bB

S-ride M500 Product reviews in Poland
reproduced from Polish bikeboard

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