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Trigger Shifter

  • MTB 13speed Trigger Shifter SL-M700

  • MTB 13speed Trigger Shifter SL-M700

  • MTB 13speed Trigger Shifter SL-M700

MTB 13speed Trigger Shifter SL-M700


Speed: 13

Color: Black

Product Description

SL-M700 Trigger shifter

MTB Trigger Shift Lever 13Spd

Jet Black

● Special 13s cable pull ratio

● Timely Respond  

● Alloy drawing spool, Accurate and stable

● The new ergonomics design pull & release lever, more comfortable in pull & release

● Anti-slip for pull & release lever

● New Aluminum housing / Pull Lever

● Teflon cable , lower resistance.

● Use it more conveniently

● Weight 126.8g only



* Timely Respond

-“20%~40% quicker lever access time(vs.old one)“

* percent conversion 98%"

There is almost no middle-ground where you're waiting for the shift to come.Gear changes are instant and precise.

MTB 13speed Trigger Shifter SL-M700





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Lineup M700 13speed once launched, immediately attracted the attention of professional riders and the majority of cycling enthusiasts, part of Europe, Southeast Asia and other places to use the kit assembly vehicle after the race and win the race. Products have been sold to Germany, the United States, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

MTB 13speed Trigger Shifter SL-M700MTB 13speed Trigger Shifter SL-M700

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